coffee cheers to you,

With a coffee in hand and a Venti-sized amount of energy, I’m ready to take your organization to the next level. Through my 12+ years of marketing experience and the many ups and downs of corporate life. I'll take your audience through a journey to empower and energize everyone. Everyone, including the emerging leaders, who have a mark to make on your organization!

Whether you are looking to caffeinate your audiences or your marketing plans, I’m here to serve you! 

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i'm Kelly!


- Anne

- dhara

- Natalee

“Kelly's entire personality as a whole. Her energy and positivity is contagious and most rememberable. Additionally, the crowd loved the coffee bean analogy and there was chatter about it throughout the day and into the next morning!”

“Hearing Kelly's story made the things that seem unattainable sound much more in reach. It's nice to hear how she found success in similar experiences we all go through at our jobs, with family, etc that might tell us to "stop". She made going off on your own within the real of possibilities.”

"Kelly was a fantastic speaker. Our members loved how easily relatable she was and the immense value she was able to provide in only 20 minutes! We'd love to have her back again! "

- alex, redburd creative

- jacqueline, jmkmedia

- Kelly, Caffeine With Kelly

BROOKE!!! Your guidance and teaching has helped me learn so much in the ShowIt platform! I just updated my website with grace and ease and that ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR GUIDANCE!

There were several times where I was so conflicted about what direction I wanted to go and she was super supportive in helping me navigate the way to go. When it came down to revisions, I had a specific vision for what I wanted the branding to look like and she BROUGHT IT LIFE BABY. I am absolutely in LOVE with the branding we did for this and I can't wait to put it on LITERALLY EVERYTHING. 

Brooke was a dream to work with! She was patient and thoughtful from start to finish. I truly appreciated all the personal touches she integrated into my site and also in our communications. She is extremely talented and I have had amazing feedback from people about my new site. I'm sooo happy I chose Brooke for this project!




thank you so much for reaching out